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St Gregory’s RC Primary School EYFS Playground1 min read



CLIENT: Diocese of Salford

Background & Objectives: 

St Gregory’s RC Primary School in Bolton had very restricted outdoor space for their Early Years Department. Ofsted had stated the lack of play space was a major downfall and the school were keen to address this. Adjacent to the school was a derelict brownfield site that had formerly been a church and hall and the parish gifted the land to the school. This enabled the school along with funding from the Diocese of Salford to develop a brand new outdoor play and learning space. Through an existing relationship with the Diocese; Groundwork were approached to bring their creativity and experience to the scheme and the school have been delighted with the outcome. “Richard saw our vision immediately and brought it to life” Emma Taylor, School Business Manager.

The playground was designed to meet all the curriculum needs of the Early Years department for outdoor play and learning provision with opportunities for physical play, nature exploration, social engagement and outdoor teaching.




Richard Clark

Principal Architect

North West Team

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