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Millshott Close2 min read

ROLE: Concept to Completion 

LOCATION: Hammersmith 

CLIENT: London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham 

Background & Objectives: 

Millshott Close rain garden is located on the Thames riverside path between Hammersmith and Putney Bridge, opposite the London Wetland Centre. Local residents wanted the grassy area next to the riverside path fenced off to deter dog fouling, but after working alongside our landscape architects their plans evolved into a scheme to transform the space into an attractive new pocket park and incorporating sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), that both residents and passers-by could enjoy. 

Design Solution: 

The design incorporates a natural hardwood fish sculpture, granite boulders and meandering flowing planting inspired by the river. Central to the design is a turtle head and claws protruding from a grass mound which facilitates informal play and brings smiles to the faces of those who pass by on the Thames path. The space is enclosed by a bespoke timber fence made from sleepers. The permeable nature of the timber fencing keeps dogs out while allowing clear views into the space from the adjacent riverside path. Rather than acting as a visual barrier, the bespoke fence softens the boundary between the park and the Thames Path and adds to the natural beauty of the landscape. 


Left ImageRight Image

The result is a truly unique natural riverside pocket park that enhances the space for both Millshott Close residents and Thames Path walkers. The playful design has captured the imagination of those who live and work in the neighbourhood who have made the new pocket park into a local talking point. Joggers and walkers are often seen stopping to admire and photograph the turtle sculpture which is a regular feature on social media. 

The sustainable drainage incorporated into the garden helps prevent flooding and reduces pollution. They serve a 120m2 catchment area from which rain water conveys into and slowly through the garden’s drainage systems, rather than flowing quickly into the over stretched street drains in the area, which can lead to flash flooding and increased pollution as surface water run off falls into the adjacent river Thames.  

The project was Highly Commended in The Landscape Institute Awards 2015

Jane Everitt

Lead Architect

London Team

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