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Prior and Melsonby Courts1 min read



CLIENT: Thirteen Housing Group

Background & Objectives: 

Groundwork has had a successful working relationship with housing provider, the Thirteen Group, working with hundreds of residents and getting their opinions on how to transform sites with imagination and innovation

Design Solution

As lead designer and project manager Groundwork delivered a scheme to refurbish the external environment to two high-rise flats:

  • 3D visualisations used to engage and inform residents
  • derelict hardstanding was converted into a well-designed car park
  • new footpaths and accessible entrances provided
  • boundary walls and railings used to enclose and create defensible space
  • Colourful planting of shrubs and over 50 trees to provide seasonal interest and wildlife habitat


Residents were involved in choosing designs for the artwork panels which reference the individual names Prior and Melsonby. Fixed to the ground floor fencing the laser-cut panels have become a defining feature of the buildings.

Jane Everett

Lead Landscape Architect

London Team

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