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Flora Gardens2 min read

ROLE: Inception to Completion

LOCATIONS: Flora Gardens, Hammersmith, London

CLIENT: London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and Natural England

Background & Objectives: 

The project evolved from finding a solution to dog fouling on a forgotten patch of grass, to developing a community’s pride of its outdoor space through soft and hard landscaping, and retrofitted sustainable drainage.

The site consisted small of areas of grass amid hard landscaping, offering minimal social or environmental amenity. Large, grey pram shed roofs dominated the views from the residential blocks.

Working with the Green Infrastructure Consultancy, Groundwork were commissioned to improve the landscape, resolve issues with dog mess and mopeds. Further funding from Natural England was secured to retrofit green infrastructure measures on the estate. The design had to be low maintenance, yet offer improved amenity for residents.

Design Solution

The project was initiated by the residents association, via LBHF.

Unused grass areas were transformed into planted gardens, bringing form and flora. Bold planting patterns broke up the space and become vital visual amenity, discouraging dog owners from allowing fouling.

Green Infrastructure opportunities were identified with our GIS team, analysing the site to ensure an effective scheme for the greatest impact.

Biodiverse green roofs were installed on low sheds, improving the outlook for residents in the higher blocks and reducing runoff. Working with The Grass Roof Company, we installed colourful habitat rich schemes.

Groundwork Green Teams installed rain gardens, green walls, trees and wildflower areas, receiving horticultural training while developing new habitat areas and rainwater management.


The head of the RA was overjoyed, commenting that the positive feedback from fellow residents made her feel that they improve their estate.

Engagement and signage has assisted in spreading understanding green infrastructure, its purpose and how it works, encouraging residents to take ownership of their estate.

Path alterations created safe, level access to the blocks, while new parking arrangements prevented mopeds travelling over pedestrian areas.

The project continues to bring colour, wildlife and green infrastructure to this estate.

Jane Everett

Lead Landscape Architect

London Team

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