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Blue Water Woodland1 min read



CLIENT: Central Bedfordshire Council

Background & Objectives: 

The woodland was planted in the 1980s on a former landfill site, as part of a woodland grant scheme. The woods have had little management since then so they were dark and uninviting, with an overgrown footpath network.

Although the woodland was located on the urban fringe of Houghton Regis, few local people knew about the site and its recreational opportunities. The site was also close to the proposed growth area to the north of the town and would provide a valuable resource to the residents of any new development.

Design Solution 

Central Bedfordshire Council commissioned Groundwork to consult the community to raise awareness of the site and undertake volunteer activities. Plans for improvements to the woodland were then developed using the information gathered in the consultation process.

Funding for the works was secured from Central Bedfordshire Council and Chalk Arc Initiative, enabling the improvements to be undertaken late 2010.


The improvements include the refurbishment of the path network and woodland management, opening up glades to improve woodland diversity and to make the site more welcoming for recreational users. The site now also boasts art features and a natural play area.

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Julia Watts

Lead Landscape Architect

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