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The principle of co creating community spaces has been at the heart of our approach from our inception. Our dynamic partnerships are vital to the creation of these climate resilient spaces.

With this approach, Landscape Architects have been core to the Groundwork offer and have developed and delivered land based programmes including Bright Sites, Wasteland to Woodland, and the Millennium Cycleway.

Groundwork first began changing places and lives in St Helens on the edge of Merseyside in 1982 bringing together the local community to improve their nearby open spaces through community tree planting events and litter picks.

Groundwork expanded from its St Helens origins across England, Wales and Northern Ireland and at one time was the biggest employer of Landscape Architects in the UK.

In many ways some things still look a lot like 1982 as we find ourselves again facing economic challenge, unemployment and social unrest. Physical degradation and social deprivation persists and the need to improve the physical and social fabric of areas hit by multiple challenges continues.

Our Landscape Architects are resilient and through CPD we ensure we have the knowledge and skills to deliver land based projects tackling climate change and resource scarcity, especially in areas which have a poor physical and social landscape.

Now, as then, we are taking practical steps and building partnerships to change places and change lives.

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