Delamere School: A Landscaping Transformation

Our Landscaping team spent last summer recreating the Delamere School playground. These new features will help the children with physical development, spatial awareness, imaginative play and so much more!

From Fashion To Landscape

Amanda’s story: Groundwork has put forward recommendations to sectors that have the opportunity to influence and inspire the changes needed, to make green jobs both a viable and vital option.

Skinnergate and Conniscliffe

As part of proposed improvements to Skinnergate and Conniscliffe Road, Darlington Council and Groundwork asked the people of Darlington for their thoughts.

How healthy rivers and estuaries can contribute to climate mitigation

Tyne Estuary Partnership

We know that healthy natural habitats can help soak up carbon emissions whilst contributing many additional benefits, yet recent data shows only 14% of English rivers are at a good ecological standard and almost none of our rivers are truly untouched by human influence. As well as current pollution inputs, historic activities (development of ports, […]

Why is biodiversity important for humans and wildlife?

Birds in landscape

Biodiversity is about the range of living things; plants, fungi, insects, animals and micro-organisms, living in one area as a community, each species interdependent on another. The more of these different species there are in these communities the greater the biodiversity and the healthier the environment. Places like Madagascar and the Tropical Andes are amongst […]

Tackling air pollution near schools

Coal Power Plant

According to the World Health Organisation, air pollution is the single biggest environmental risk to human health. In the UK, poor air quality equates to 40,000 + early deaths every year, with the young and old in society being the most vulnerable. Children are particularly vulnerable as their lungs are still developing.  They also breathe […]